$3 Million in DAI & ETH Stelen from Deus Finance in the New DeFi Hack

According to PeckShield data the attack on Deus Finance saw the attacker steal around $3million in DAI (ETH) and Ethereum. According to the blockchain security company, the hack was caused by flash-loan manipulations of a price oracle.

PeckShield used Twitter to announce the latest hack to the decentralized finance sector on March 15. This time, it was against Deus Finance – a multi-token DeFi marketplace allowing customers to build synthetic stocks, trading platforms, and other instruments.

The security resource attributed the attack to a “flash-loan-assisted manipulation of price oracle that reads the price from the pair of StableV1 AMM – USDC/DEI, so that even normal users, unfortunately, become insolvent!”

The firm said the hacker stole 200,000 DAO and 1101.8 ETH – or around $3 million worth of digital assets. It warned, however, that Deus Finance may suffer even greater losses.

PeckShield also revealed that the perpetrator funneled funds to TornadoCash via Multichain (previously Anyswap).

Soon after, Deus Finance confirmed that the exploit was discovered via Twitter. They explained that the DEI lending contract has been closed, and “both DEUS and DEI are unaffected.” The team also promised to provide updates as it goes on with its investigation.


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