3 ways to improve work performance through better sleep

We all need to sleep. That is a fact that everyone knows. But for many years, people in the business world simply saw sleep as something that hinders their ability to make money.

It seems that those days are over. Study after study is beginning to show just how important a good night’s sleep can be on every aspect of our lives, including our work.

Research shows that individuals who are well-rested perform better in cognitive function, have a stronger memory, are more precise, respond better to pressures, and are better able identify social cues.

Simply put, better sleep equals greater performance.

Google have installed sleep pods in their offices around the world so there staff can even catch up on some sleep while on the job. The rest of us can also benefit from what the Silicon Valley boffins are doing.

Read on for three simple ways to get better sleep…

1. Make sure to schedule time for sleeping

‘Money never sleeps’, or so the saying goes. But you need to. Irregular bedtimes cause irregular sleep. Regular bedtimes are a great way to increase the quality and quantity your sleep.

And no, bedtimes aren’t just for kids. Routines are a favorite of the human body. Give it one. Find out when you must be up at 8 AM to complete your workday. This is your ideal time to go to bed. It is your ideal bedtime. It will improve your work performance.

2. Don’t take your work to bed

Bedrooms should be used for sleep. They should not be used as a replacement for your office. Your smartphone should be turned off, and your laptop closed.

Your head should touch the pillow at night and you should feel ready to go. This simple won’t happen if you are sending work emails or scrolling through social media in the moments before you try and nod off.

The interactive nature of technology will cause you to be overstimulated. Second, blue light screens can cause a disruption in the production of melatonin. It is a hormone that regulates our body clock and makes it drowsy at nights.

3. Invest in your Rest

You wouldn’t turn up to a meeting in an old suit tattered suit would you? So why would you choose to sleep on an old bed that isn’t up to the job?

We spend one third of our lives sleeping in bed, yet so few of us pay enough attention to what we sleep on. Many people have problems sleeping and aches and pains that could be avoided.

Ensure you mattress is firm and doesn’t sag. If it does then it is time to go mattress shopping. You can also treat yourself to some good pillows while you’re at the store.

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