4 Key Words That Should Never be Overlooked for your Business to Keep Flourishing

A business is not a business without regular patronage of customers; even those with seasonal or once-a-while patronage are not good enough, the goal is to accumulate a good amount of customers who would patronize your business daily or leverage your product every time.

But how you go about achieving this is essential. Startup founders or teams could put out strategies to attract even beyond the number of customers they seek, when they do, they forget consistency aligned with dynamism and several other factors that would keep your customers loving and recommending your products every day and everywhere.

These keywords, along with your existing and impending strategies for retaining and gaining more customers should be of the utmost importance.

1. Convenience

Which company would you choose to be a customer? One that offers seamless digital ordering, including tests in cases such as eye clinics, and delivers your product to your door. Or another company that requires that you travel outside your comfort zone to order a product or perform tests.

But then that’s just one aspect, convenience is not limited to this; it entails everything that connects businesses to customers.

  • How convenient it is to locate your startup on the ground?
  • How easy is it to get your products?
  • How easy is it to receive feedback?
  • How convenient it is to lodge complaints and receive prompt responses and resolutions?
  • How easy is it to navigate within your app?
  • It is so easy to understand how your product is used.

2. Speed

In line with the convenience a customer gets from your business and the products offered, what’s the speed of response, purchase and others? How fast does your app load? Irrespective of the value and price of your products, not all customers will stick with you when there’s time wastage involved.

Forbes says speed is key to business profitability. This is not only in relation to delivery of products and services but also everything else.

These days, a lot of your clients aren’t going to view speed as a differentiator — they’ll consider it the standard. Living up to these expectations is vital for on-boarding and retaining high-value clients — even if it requires some extra blood, sweat and tears on your end.”

This goes for all customers and your entire team. What’s the speed in getting things done?

3. Consistency 

As stated in the previous paragraph, some companies create strategies to attract customers. However, when they do this they fail to maintain consistency to retain their customers’ loyalty.

Consistency would help you build trust and this isn’t about offering same old products or services. How consistent are you in carrying your customers along even when there’s a shift in any aspect of your business?

Continue to improve, learn, unlearn and continue learning.

4. Dynamism

Trends continue to evolve in many forms and aspects. Even if all else ceases to exist, change will always be with us.

Even those who aren’t used to changing find themselves doing something new or in a different setting at different times. Everyone was used to doing things manually, but technology has rushed in and everyone is leveraging digitalization.

Customers are the same, as trends change people’s lives. Customers are constantly changing so your products and services need to meet their needs.

Get on with your business and do all you can to keep it green.

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