5 Green Blockchain Initiatives you Should Know

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Here, we’ll look at five hand-selected firms working on green blockchain financing initiatives and solutions.

CarbonChain gives you access to green finance

Carbon accounting tools developed by British firm CarbonChain enable enterprises to get green financing. The startup calculates the carbon footprints of corporations’ trade finance portfolios in order to determine which transactions are most vulnerable to rising carbon prices. CarbonChain provides carbon risk evaluations to clients in many industries such as steel and copper.

Individuals’ initiatives to live sustainably, for example, are negated when their bank deposits are used to subsidize coal mining operations. Startups develop tools and solutions to help corporations calculate carbon offsets, and access green finance.

ReGal 38183 creates a Green Blockchain

ReGal 38183 offers financial services and green compliance solutions in the UK. According to the firm, clients can invest in green initiatives through the Green Blockchain.

The startup’s virtual sustainable financial platform, OIII3 BANK, allows clients to incorporate social, environmental, and governance parameters into financing and investing choices for the long-term benefit of both society and the client.

Transparency is much greater with distributed ledgers. The financial industry is already taking advantage of blockchain technology’s benefits to combat fraud.

Green Blockchain apps promote sustainable projects and ensure transparency in sustainability efforts.

Scalups and startups are using blockchain technology for finance options to support eco-friendly initiatives such as renewable energy projects.

Tomorrow is the future of sustainable mobile banking

Tomorrow, a German startup provides long-term mobile banking services. Tomorrow Zero, a premium service, allows you to fund specific climate change projects such as clean drinking water in Uganda and biogas plants for Vietnam.

Furthermore, through green bonds issued by Förderbank Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, the startup supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MIRIS creates the Green Finance Framework

The Green Finance Framework was developed by MIRIS, a Norwegian startup, to identify, monitor, and document the cash flow in financial project.

The framework of the startup is open and organized around the fundamental components of the International Capital Market Association’s Green Bond Principles (GBP) (ICMA).

TREELION offers Green Digital Finance

TREELION is a Chinese startup that works on a Blockchain-based financial network for environmental companies. Green Digital Financial Infrastructure assists the startup to create a Blockchain system for compliance launch and management green digital products.

Additionally, the network is a cross-industry Blockchain which recognizes and promotes green economic financial flows.

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