5 ways to spice up the work environment

The purpose of a workstation is to motivate you and keep you organized. However, many desks end up becoming a never-ending pile of junk.

Fortunately, there’s no better time than now to give your workstation a facelift. These are some ideas to maximize your desk space.

Go Green

It’s possible for your desk to become drab and lifeless, but you’ll almost certainly have enough space to add a small plant or two.

For example, succulents require little care and attention. They have the same effect on your body as sunlight or a view out of a window.

Greenery can instantly improve your mood and spice up your workplace.

Take Notes

You can get rid of all the post-it notes you have collected on your desk and replace it with a notepad. To-do lists can give you a sense accomplishment, as you are able to cross off items or discover new ideas.

The feel and versatility of antiquated pen and paper can’t be replaced by computer screens.

Not only will a notebook with interesting patterns help you organize your desk and keep everything in one place but it will also brighten your workspace.

Great Lighting

It’s hard to underestimate the positive impact that good lighting can make on your space. A task lamp will make your office feel more comfortable and less stressful.

With so many styles to choose from (antique, contemporary, mid-century modern and so on), it’s a simple way to personalize your workstation while maintaining a tiny footprint.


There’s simply getting around it: a cluttered workstation weakens our perseverance and ability to concentrate.

It is difficult to return to the blank canvas when you have too much stuff.

To prevent messiness from happening, desk organizers or storage bins are a great alternative.

When everything on your desk has a home, you’ll be astonished at how much better and more relaxed you feel.

You will be more productive and happy if you can find a way to organize your desk.

Poppin provides a ton of wonderful storage container options, and they’ll even brighten up your workspace! A small chest of drawers can be placed under your desk to create a distraction-free working environment.

Make use of accessories

In an open office environment, it can be hard to personalize your workspace. Your mood will be lifted and your eyes will appreciate even the smallest objects, such as a cup, snapshot, car, or toy, that you can see.

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