Youtube now shows the best moments of a video for the most impatient

YouTube finally released after several months of testing. rolled out its feature that provides quick access to the best of a video. The graph below the player shows the percentage of users who have gone backwards. Other features are being planned by the streaming platform for Premium subscribers.

YouTube users often watch the same video multiple times. YouTube has shifted to longer content in recent times. People who used to watch a whole video are now more inclined to concentrate on the parts they like. The streaming service can therefore quickly determine which sequences users prefer from the data.

Also, last October, YouTube announced that it would soon be possible to directly access the best parts of a video, with the help of a graph that calculates the sequences most viewed by viewers. It finally took several months to see the feature land in the final version, but it’s now done. In a blog post, Google presents the new update which adds several new features.


Easily watch the most replayed parts of a video: while seeking; you’ll see a graph showing you the most frequently replayed parts of the video. If the graph is large, it means that the particular part of the video was replayed a lot. To quickly locate those moments, you can use the graph. Note: you may have tested this as part of an experiment and now we’re excited to bring the feature to viewers on desktop and mobile today!

You can also view the graph alongside the playback bar. The data is larger, so the user can see more of the sequence. It is possible to skip waiting for parts and not worry about the rest if you don’t have enough time. This feature is now available in both mobile and web versions.

Google also has other novelties in its pocket. Mountain View has unveiled a new visual player that replaces the existing one. The corresponding image appears where the cursor is, but the whole video. YouTube Premium subscribers can only access this feature.

Finally, chapters will soon be accessible on smart TVs and home consoles. A replay function is also available.

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