6 Workplace Apps that Increase Productivity

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The app features visual timelines that help you track progress and achievements. It also offers a variety of views to make status checks easier than ever. You can view your workload to allow you to manage and assign work.


Slack can be used by many companies, teams and social groups as a communication hub.

You’ll find all the contacts you need in one place.

Create channels for subgroups or initiatives to simplify your workplace relationships.

You’ll be able to move away from the past’s fragmented, compartmentalized and walled messaging solutions. This includes text and email.

Slack provides searchable chat history that makes it easy to find important information. It also offers chat-to-call that allows quick clarifications and document sharing in-app. This allows you to work in one window and not have to deal with multiple files.


This app will help you stay on top of everything and not get overwhelmed. Microsoft Teams allows users of Microsoft Suite to communicate with one another and do all their tasks in one place.

You can make audio and video calls, join group chats at work and validate and confirm your calendar.

It works well with Microsoft Suite. However, it also includes apps such as Trello and Asana which allow users to choose additional features.

It includes meeting tools that can handle groups almost any size, extensions and apps that allow you to customize your functionality, and co-authoring capabilities that allow for real time collaborative editing.


ClickUp, a cloud-based engagement and project management application, is designed to replace any existing collaboration apps and checklists.

ClickUp is both a collaboration and productivity software. ClickUp can be configured to suit any business or team.

ClickUp allows you to create custom layouts that you can share with your team. It also has many proprietary features such as Assigned Comments and LineUp. This makes it easy to track and follow the work of your team.


This is the best tool for employee interaction. It transforms your workplace into a “relaxing” place.

It features a social media-style feed, which highlights good work and core values consistency. You can also award prizes or appreciation.

As people watch the stream more, they give praise and the cycle of goodwill grows.

It provides a central dashboard that encourages openness, excitement and buzz. It has integrations that allow you to connect to other platforms easily, and challenges that help unite employees around a common goal.

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