7 ways to use technology to achieve your 2022 resolution

Although the new year has just begun, many people are beginning to lose the optimism and goal setting that guided their resolutions for the new year.

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Technology can be used to help you get back on track if you have already fallen off the path.

These are seven ways technology can help you win 2022.

Ask Assistant to help you stay motivated

To stay focused and on target with your goals, it is important to remain motivated.

Ask Google Assistant from your smartphone or mobile device. You’ll get suggestions on how to review your goals regularly, how mentors can help you, how to be around positive people, and how to exercise, among other motivational tips.

Be punctual, set reminders

Set reminders to remind you of your time so that you are more punctual in the new year.

Google Assistant makes it easy to create reminders. You can use your phone or mobile device to say “Hey Google. Set a reminder” or “Hey Google. Remind me to go to a meeting at 7am.”

Google Assistant will set up a reminder to remind you and notify you when it is near the time. You can rest assured that you will always arrive on time.

Be healthy and count your calories

Are you ready to embark on a healthy eating journey? For satisfying meals, you can search healthy recipes.

YouTube has many videos that will show you how to make healthy food at home.

You can also check the calories in single-ingredient foods by asking Google Assistant. You can ask Google Assistant, for example, “Ok Google. How many calories are in bananas?”

You will be more aware of what you eat, regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep in touch. Meet friends

Social activities such as travelling, visiting friends, and going out were severely restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed, it is still the norm to connect virtually with friends.

Google Meet allows you to connect with family and friends if you have made a resolution to be more social this year. To join, simply set up a meeting time and share the link to your friends.

Meet saves time and eliminates the need to plan physical hangouts. It is also flexible because you can join meetings from anywhere using your mobile device, the Meet app, or Gmail.

Discover something new

YouTube videos can be a great resource for learning if you have a goal to improve your knowledge, learn new things, or develop a skill.

You can view videos that show you how to play an instrument or cook like a pro.

YouTube has many videos that will help you learn by yourself.

The Google digital skills program for Africa offers free online training if you want to improve your digital skills for your career or business.

Exercise devices and fitness goals

Connect a fitness device with your Android phone to improve your workouts. You can connect a variety of fitness devices, including heart rate monitors, foot pods, and fitness watches, with thousands of apps from the Play Store to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can boost your heart rate by adding your favorite YouTube songs to your playlist.

Discover new destinations

Google Maps is great for anyone who plans to travel outside the country or simply to discover more local places this year. It provides navigation and alternative routes, as well as real-time information about traffic jams.

You can also search for interesting places like restaurants, parks and tourist attractions, as well as beaches and natural areas.

Resolutions should be SMART. They must be specific, measurable and achievable. Technology gives you the tools to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

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