Eurus powers Cross-Margin Trading Swap Platform

Decentralized Finance is one of the largest sectors of cryptocurrency. The DeFi market today is valued at more than $75 billion. There are more opportunities for growth due to the freedom and earning potential it provides its users.

DeFi’s primary goal is to utilize blockchain technology to eliminate centralized financial systems. It allows users to access financial products worldwide from any location.

The DeFi protocol offers a variety of products including token swaps and stablecoins as well as credit, derivatives and insurance. They also offer wallets, oracles, asset management, wallets, and insurance.

DeFi has the potential to revolutionize finance. However, DeFi protocols are extremely complex making it difficult for new users and partners to get to know them. DeFi protocols are built using the Ethereum network. This network is known for having high transaction speeds and fees.

MappedSwap, however, promises users the best trading conditions without compromising security or decentralization.

What is MappedSwap exactly?

MappedSwap is an on-chain swap exchange for cross-margin trading that uses the Eurus network. Users can get collateral up to 10x for leverage or margin trading.

Eurus is an interoperable cross-chain network which is interoperable to the Ethereum blockchain. It was specifically designed to solve EEthereum’sslow transaction speed and exorbitant gas fees.

MappedSwap users have an intuitive and optimized UI design that makes it easy for beginners and veterans to navigate the platform and its various markets.

Users have access to large liquidity, low trading costs, and minimal slippage through the protocol. These features make it easier for new DeFi players to invest and lower the entry barrier to the DeFi market.

MappedSwap Features

MappedSwap protocol offers several attractive features to investors.

MappedSwap strives to boost the efficiency of uusers’assets, thus increasing the profits generated for investors. This protocol lets users trade in DeFi markets by using different financing tools.

The platform allows users to access quick loans with less than 0.1% slippage tolerance. They can receive up to 10x the ffund’sallocation for trading on margin.

MMappedSwap’strading fees are also some of the lowest on the market, competing with some of the biggest names in the DeFi space, including UniSwap and PancakeSwap. It charges 0.3% for trading fees. They are calculated per swap.

Scalability is the biggest problem that many DeFi networks are facing. This is especially true for protocols built on Ethereum blockchain.

MappedSwap is a flexible network technology that allows for transactions to be executed in record time. The platform executes transaction settlements in under two seconds. This allows users quick access to market dynamics, while also reducing slippage risk.

The platform holds more than $6 billion in liquidity pools that provide traders sufficient liquidity to execute their trades. MappedSwap also has sufficient funds in its Treasury for liquidity.

A referral program allows existing users to invite family members and friends. Users get all of their trading fees when they register on the platform and start trading. MappedSwap offers users up to a 80% rebate and a passive income stream.

Mapped Swap Token (MST)

MappedSwap Token, or MST, is the native cryptocurrency for the MappedSwap protocol. This token can be created by providing liquidity for the platform. To maximize their profits, users can stake their MST.

MappedSwap has organized a promotional campaign. It will last one month and feature a giveaway worth approximately 800,000 MST. Participants must participate in tasks, refer others, and retake MST in order to be eligible for prizes.

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