A.Team raises $60M in Series A and Seed Funding

A.Team, a New York-based provider of a network of product builders for members,, has raised $60M in Series B funding.

Following its unannounced $5M seed round led by NFX, A.Team raised a $55M Series A co-led by Insight Partners, Tiger Global and Spruce House—joined by cultural leaders including Adam Grant, founders of CAA, Apollo and Fiverr, and Arrive, a Roc Nation company.

The funds will be used by the company to expand and accelerate its growth.

Led by CEO  Raphael Ouzan, A.Team is a members-only network for engineers, product managers, designers, and marketing talent, designed to help growing companies accelerate product development through “A.Teamers,” which come together as cloud-based, modular teams to work on problems they care about with flexibility, and autonomy.

A.Team assembled over 4,000 product developers and enabled 250+ companies to overcome their hiring challenges. They provided cloud-based experts to help them accelerate product development.

The early adopters include startups, multinational and enterprise companies as well as Chief and Apprentice.

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