Adbot empowers Seed- and Pre-Seed Startups to Access New Markets

South Africa’s economy is driven by small businesses, which are expected to have created around 90% of all new jobs by 2030.

Start-ups will likely create many of these jobs. They are new businesses that grow quickly and provide significant economic value. However, these start-ups have to overcome one hurdle: the difficulty of creating an online presence and access markings.

Online advertising can be costly. About 40% of start-up funding ends up with Google, Facebook and Amazon advertising. costs. This means that a large chunk of Venture Capital investments ends up with big tech firms instead of building start-ups like it’s supposed to.

Adbot uses the majority of its marketing budget for small businesses to get online.

This initiative will lower the costs of online advertising for Pre-Seed or Seed start-ups. They can then use the funds in the areas that are most important to their business.

Adbot gives funding to customers instead of advertising their business online. Michelle Geere is the CEO of Adbot. AdbotThe leading provider of online advertising solutions that are simple, effective, and supportive for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Africa.

Adbot assists start-up founders to advertise on Google Ads. Adbot provides a simple solution to help founders get to new markets and avoid the hassle of navigating Google’s complicated interface. Adbot uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to optimize keywords, ad copy, and bidding, 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine.

Start-ups have the opportunity to drive South Africa’s economic growth, but they need support to grow. This initiative will allow them to release funds and focus on scaling in a way which creates high economic value. This is critical in the current economic climate with high unemployment and slow growth.” said Geere.

The initiative will focus on Pre-Seed and Seed start-ups in this round of business support, as these enterprises and entrepreneurs hold the power to change the country’s economic situation. Adbot will support them financially for the first month. After that, they will be able to access Google education and get personal support. 

These entrepreneurs will be able to access Primer, Google online training and the opportunity to apply to Google Hustle Academy.

Online marketing will be made easy by us. Our strong human support team will assist them in translating their statistics each month. Adbot has extensive experience supporting small businesses to access new markets using online advertising. This initiative will allow Adbot to help small businesses grow.” says Geere.

If you’re a Pre-seed or Seed startup looking to take part in this initiative, contact the platform Find out how.

PROMO ALERTAdbot just announced that 100 entrepreneurs will be sponsored by them with free Google Ads up to R1000. This campaign will launch on Friday, 29th April 2022. Find out more.

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