With AdsWizz, you can now reach Audiomack’s 20 million monthly users

Audiomack Inc. and AdsWizz Inc. have announced they have reached an exclusive global audio advertising inventory agreement, giving AdsWizz Inc. exclusive sales rights to Audiomack’s multicultural content. That is, buyers can now exclusively connect to Audiomack’s highly sought-after audience via Audiomack’s direct sales team or through AdsWizz’s connected demand sources.

The expanded partnership between AdsWizz and Audiomack is expected to give marketers a new streamlined way to target Audiomack’s more than 20 million monthly worldwide users spanning North America, Europe, and Africa.

Its sources include AudioMatic, AdsWizz’s demand-side platform; the AdsWizz Marketplace, which enables publishers and advertisers easily transact on audio inventory; and AdsWizz direct integrations with major third-party demand-side platforms.

AdsWizz’s ad technology, combined with its relationships with regional media sales representatives, including SXM Media in the United States, is expected to streamline audio inventory connections and monetisation, enable publishers efficiently monetise their audio content via the publisher’s direct sales team, resellers or a combination of both, and make audio inventory easily accessible to advertisers.

“Our enhanced relationship with AdsWizz has not only strengthened our existing salesforce but has enabled buyers connect with our highly sought-after audiences in more ways than before. It is important to give advertisers access in a targeted and measurable way to our content. Leveraging AdsWizz technology and media sales services does that for us,” said Dave Edwards, SVP of Revenue, Audiomack.

Audiomack is setting new standards in how artists can get their content to new audiences. It is exciting to be able support its efforts and connect advertisers with its valuable content and audience.

Anne Frisbie is SVP Global Partnerships and Business Development at AdsWizz

The deal builds on Audiomack’s current use of the AdsWizz integrated technology stack, which gives the company a holistic view of ad decisioning, revenue optimisation across direct and programmatic sales channels, an audio-centric attribution suite, data management, and inventory forecasting.

The globally recognised music platform can also use AdsWizz’s ShakeMe motion-activated ad format, which offers marketers real-time conversion prospects. Audiomack should be able to offer its listeners a fun, relevant ad experience and a seamless link with advertisers seeking to reach their target audience with this unified strategy.

AudioMack in Nigeria

Audiomack officially announced their entry to Africa with the official announcement on July 17, 2020. launch of its office in Lagos three new hires were made to oversee operations throughout the continent as part of an expansionary move.

Audiomack was launched in 2012 and now has more than 20 million monthly users. The streaming and discovery service has enabled rising African stars such as Omah lay to reach an international audience and break records like Roddy Ricch, Kaash Paige and others. It’s been used by Nicki Minaj and Eminem to launch exclusive releases.

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