Aerial App for Mac updated with TVOS 15 Screensavers and New Features

Aerial Mac

Open-source macOS app Aerial brings beautiful Apple TV screensavers directly to your Mac. Recently, the app was updated to version 3.0. This update includes the new tvOS 15 screensavers as well as improved cache settings and Apple Music integration.

Apple TV 4th Generation and later has screensavers called Aerial. These screensavers show “breathtaking video of locations shot from all around the world,” according to Apple. Apple TV 16 new screensavers have been added to tvOS 15. All of these screensavers are now available on Aerial 3.0.

We reported last year that the aerials show beautiful views of Patagonia and Yosemite National Park, as well as the Grand Canyon. Each location has four, seven and five videos, respectively.

The update does not only include new screensavers. Aerial 2.0 had a revamped settings interface. This year’s update adds a new panel called Now Playing to allow users to choose the screensavers they want. You can also display the weather forecast and clock, and integrate with Apple Music or Spotify.

Aerial also offers the ability to select where screensavers are saved. Because the video files are large due to their HDR and resolution, users can now save them to an external storage device or to a network folder. The latest update also supports vertical monitors.

If you want more than Apple’s screensavers, you can purchase a bundle that includes footage from Monterey, New York, the Southwest, and Hal Bergman, the two artists who donated 20 clips to Aerial last season.

You can get Aerial 3.0 on macOS for free from its official website. You need a Mac with macOS Sierra (version 10.12 or later) to use it.

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