Aevi Unveils a new Brand Identity

Aevi, announced that it completed a major brand rebranding project. Aevi’s purpose is opening up transaction data and setting payments free. Aevi’s new brand, which is powerful and dynamic, clearly demonstrates its commitment to innovation. Aevi is open to all possibilities, and the new brand strategy celebrates them. It is all about the new digital world’s openness and flexibility.

Aevi was founded in 2015 as a start up and has since grown to become a major player in FinTech. This industry is in constant need of rapid growth. Consumers have become accustomed to the convenience of online payments and expect the same experience in-store. Technology is changing the way that merchants of all sizes, large and small, adapt their services to meet this demand.

Aevi’s mission is to make in-person payments just as innovative as online. The Aevi platform is fully cloud-based and allows customers to embrace the most recent payment technology. It empowers merchant businesses with unparalleled data that enables growth and improves customer experience. It works with any device and puts customers in complete control. Mastercard’s 2021 investment in Aevi demonstrates that Aevi has a lot to offer in the global payments market.

Aevi created a brand new to reflect their determination to be the pioneers of in-person payments. Like their platform, they’re open to the world and inspired by collaboration. They create the best customer experience by bringing together all industry partners across the value chain. Aevi is now in a fresh light with a new logo, and website design to complement its expanding business model.

“Open, fearless, honest, positive. Four attributes that not only describe our new brand, but also the culture we’ve always fostered here at Aevi. We operate in a constantly changing environment. Technology is always evolving. The rebranding marks a new Aevi in- and externally, with a strategy focused on building a more open (payments) world.”Mike Camerling is the CEO of Aevi.

Aevi, their corporate title, was kept to show their appreciation for the business that helped them reach this point. Using the accessible and free spirit of the new brand’s visual language, Aevi highlights the ease of payments and embraces where the future of pay tech is going. You can click here to see the entire new brand.

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