African genetics company raises seed round of $1.6m

BioCertica is the first African-based direct to consumer genetics company that has introduced polygenic risk score (PRS) to generate DNA testing results. The seed round, which cost $1.6million, was launched after BioCertica raised $650 000 pre-seed funding.

BioCertica is able to offer clients a higher resolution DNA result through PRS, which is an advantage over what was available on the market.

It improves the accuracy in determining genetic predispositions for conditions like high bloodpressure, gluten sensitivity and heart disease.

Gert van Wyk is the founder and chief executive officer of BioCertica. tells Ventureburn that this technological advancement will enable African healthcare practitioners to gain deeper insights into their patients’ genetics through the BioCertica Practitioners Platform. This technology advances precision medicine and preventative care.

BioCertica is a user’s-privacy-centered genetic testing platform launched in August 2020. It displays a user’s customized genetic results on a built-for-purpose application available on all major app stores.

Ministry of Programming (MOP), the lead investor of the preseed round and technology partner for MOP, created and developed genetic pipelines specifically suited to the African market. MOP was previously ranked at the top of the Financial Times’ FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

Utilizing Bio-Fintech tools

“At BioCertica, we believe that prevention is better than cure; by leveraging Bio-Fintech tools we enable our clients to make more informed lifestyle and health-related decisions daily. Meanwhile, our technology ecosystem protects the privacy of our users with bank-grade security protocols and encryption,” says Van Wyk.

BioCertica offers a variety of DNA testing kits that are lifestyle-based for nutrition, well-being and health.

Van Wyk believes it adds value to all ages, giving them the knowledge and tools to help them live a healthier lifestyle. BioCertica has many collaboration opportunities.

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