African tech startup funding nearly triples to surpass $2bn mark by 2021

Seso Global, a Nigerian startup in prop-tech, has opened regional offices in the United States and United Kingdom to allow it to connect with diaspora communities.

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Seso was launched in Nigeria in June 2019. It offers a portal for customer relationship management (CRM), which allows agents, government officials, and property developers to manage their assets, documentation, and transactions in a secure blockchain database.

Once properties have been verified, they are placed on the Seso Marketplace where clients can view them and interact with other service providers like banks for mortgages or law firms for title registrations.

The startup has expanded beyond Nigeria quickly, launching its first pilot there in November 2019, and then entering Ghana in May 2020. It also raised pre-seed funding of US$600,000. The startup has opened new offices in Los Angeles and Columbus in the USA, as well as a London office. These are all designed to attract more investment in African real estate through the Seso platform.

“The demand for property has increased across Africa due to the rapid growth of major African real estate industries. African real estate is a popular investment option for both forward-thinking investors and diasporans looking to settle in their home countries. The startup stated that investors need to be supported by experienced and verified real estate professionals in order for their investments to succeed.

“Seso Global has expanded in the US and UK, greatly increasing its ability to offer world-class real estate services.” Seso Global will now be able to offer a full range of services through its permanent offices, which will be staffed by highly qualified sales representatives.

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