African Tech Vision announces a 2nd Mentorship Program to African Female Founders

African Tech Vision, a non-profit-organization supporting early-stage female tech founders, has announced the start of their 2nd Mentorship Program, which started online on Monday, March 8, 2022.

26 African female founders were chosen after a thorough interview process. They will be mentored for a period of 10 weeks.

This program is for early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to share their knowledge and network with domain experts and other entrepreneurs in the local and international tech startup scene.

26 companies are from 11 countries. Some started their businesses out of a desire for positive change in their communities. Others are driven to address inefficiencies within their respective industries.

Startups that offer rentals in Nigeria via a digital platform, a company that provides microfinance to women entrepreneurs from Zambia, and a startup in Cameroon that teaches girls digital skills to start-ups.

One thing unites all companies: They use technology to scale up their businesses and were founded by strong African female founders.

‘We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and mentorship as a valuable impact on entrepreneurs. Mentoring can solve urgent problems. We match entrepreneurs with high-impact mentors that provide essential skills and knowledge. It is about supporting each other to expand and grow so that everyone wins’, said ATV founder Sohaila Ouffata

In the last African Tech Vision programme, some of the content modules made available to the founders included workshops on topic such as ‘Engaging with Mentors’, ‘Elevator Pitch‘, ‘Investors 101‘, ‘Product Market Fit’, and ‘Sales Fundamentals‘, this time round, more emphasis will be placed on learning from other founders, specifically from the Alumni and specialized workshop on topics related to scaling a business in African markets. .

The following African female founders deserve congratulations


Agrodemy CodeLn, My Food Angels CodeLn, MyChassis Owoafora Quidroo Reflect Robotics, Rent Small Media


Studentshubhg, Byte the bits


Data Girl Techologies


ClinicPesa, Waape


Cash Tank


Lago Medical Supplies

South Africa

Urban Unbutu, SeromedTech


Chaqula Ltd., Chiswara. Class Measures Ltd. Fleetsimplify. Ustawi Africa


Tanzania Health and Medical Foundation




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