Tag Heuer now focuses on NFTs after accepting crypto payments

The Swiss luxury watchmaker – Tag Heuer – said it will help its clients “stay in tune” with the rapidly changing world. The company has also introduced a smartwatch feature which allows customers to display their non-fungible token collections (NFT).

The NFT Universe: A Deep Dive

Tag Heuer joined forces with Bitpay last month to make it possible for customers to pay for luxury goods in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether, (ETH) and other cryptocurrency. As of the moment, the offering is only available when customers purchase on the company’s US website.

In a recent announcement, the firm revealed it will take “another bold step into the world of Web3” by launching an NFT viewer. The feature will allow clients to show their non-fungible token collections. This proof of ownership will be verified.

“TAG Heuer presents a new way to bring these valuable and highly collectible artworks into the real world. They can now be worn on your wrist, with a verified ownership certificate. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artworks on your watch by connecting your crypto wallet to guarantee authenticity.”

According to the company, users can pair their smartphones with this feature and transfer multiple NFTs. The watch face can display digital artworks and time in three different ways. Additionally, users can link the watch face to popular cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask and Ledger Live.

Tag Heuer was enthusiastic about the initiative and predicted that digital collectibles would become an important part of cryptocurrency’s future.

“It’s a brave new world out there,” the firm concluded.

Prada joined the NFT Club

Prada is another well-known luxury and fashion brand that has recently joined the non-fungible token wagon. The NFT collection was launched by the Italian company Prada on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT collection depicts a series gender-neutral shirts, and was first introduced just weeks ago.

Prada announced that every physical shirt owner will receive a digital collectible. The digital collectible will have a unique number that corresponds to each piece.

“Each Timecapsule drop will be linked to both a gender-neutral physical product and a gifted NFT, a GIF of the capsule video which represents the digital version of the physical item.”

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