Agility Robotics Raised $150M in Series A Funding

Agility Robotics

The $150m Series B funding was raised by Agility Robotics, a Corvallis-based maker and manufacturer of robots that can work in warehouse and logistics environments.

Playground Global, DCVC, and MFV Partners led the round. Participation came from ITIC and Robotics Hub as well as Safar Partners and Sony Innovation Fund.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate R&D and scale its robot production, to continue expanding its operations and hiring in the U.S, doubling its headcount by 2024.

Agility Robotics is led by Damion Shalton, CEO, as well as Dr. Jonathan Hurst CTO. They create robots that are fit for work and capable of performing endless tasks as part of a mixed human-robot team.

In addition to opening a new Pittsburgh office, the company also expanded its Oregon operations and Palo Alto operations.

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