Alacriti Announces Visa Direct Fast Push-to Card Payouts

Alacriti, a fintech company specializing in payments and money movement, today announced its new, fast push-to-card solution that enables businesses to disburse funds directly to their eligible debit cards—in real-time—enabled by Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time1Money movement network2.

Consumer and business expectations of fast, safe, and convenient money movement are growing across all use cases. Visa Research found that 82% would rather work with businesses that offer quick disbursements by push-to card3. Orbipay Push-to-Card is able to quickly fulfill this demand at minimal cost and without any integration hassle.

Orbipay Push to-Card allows businesses to provide faster payouts and improve customer satisfaction. Consumers don’t need to remember or share their bank account information, and funds can be sent to their most-used eligible card. It’s convenient and quick and supports the growing consumer demand for faster access to their money. Orbipay Push to-Card is part of Orbipay Unified Money Movement ServicesCloud-based platform that allows businesses to seamlessly and quickly deliver digital payments and money movement experiences.

“Our introduction of push-to-card capability, enabled by Visa Direct, provides a new and innovative way for businesses to deliver faster payment experiences,” Mark Majeske is the SVP of Faster Payments for Alacriti. “Our solution can be deployed quickly, integrates into existing payout flows, and comes with a risk-free pricing model, allowing businesses to improve cash flow management, drive customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency.”

“Visa Direct is a compelling capability offering incredible reach to more than 5 billion cards and accounts and supporting more and more money movement use cases around the globe,” Yanilsa Gonzalez Ore, SVP and North America Head at Visa Direct “We’re excited to partner with Alacriti in the U.S. to help enable digital payout capabilities for their clients and remove slow and inefficient paper-based processes.”

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