Alipay+ Upgrades Cashier Product to Bring Merchants Integrated

Ant Group today announced the launch of Alipay+ Unified Payment. This major product upgrade provides a unified, scalable technical solution to help online and brick-and-mortar merchants collect money through all digital payment methods supported by Alipay+ in a more convenient and effective way.

Alipay+ provides a range of cross-border digital payment and marketing solutions that enable merchants to better serve consumers around the world, particularly small and medium-sized ones. Alipay+ Unified Payment, which was upgraded to this version, further assists merchants in reaching over one billion consumers through making it easier to pay. Future digital payment users can cross-border pay with their local currencies anywhere they see an Alipay+ Sign, whether they are using mobile payment options or online.

Alipay+ Unified Payment will be available to consumers after online merchants have integrated it. This option will appear on their cashier pages when they make payments. Alipay+ will offer users who wish to pay with Alipay+ the best digital payment options it supports, based upon their country and payment preferences. The user can then pay using the preferred digital payment method. Brick-and-mortar merchants integrate Alipay+ Unified Payment using a unified QR code system and scan-to–pay services. These services can accept all digital payments enabled by Alipay+.

Alipay+ Unified Payment offers merchants highly efficient, cost-optimized digitalized cashier experience. Merchants can accept any digital payment method, even those that Alipay+ will introduce later. Moreover, with innovative and digital-native technologies, Alipay+ can be integrated into merchants’ own systems with a simple technical adaption. Alipay+ Unified Payment offers marketing services to merchants as part of its cashier solutions.

Alipay+ Unified Payment’s pilot phase began in May 2022. The pilot program included merchants such as Buygogo, an online platform, and which is one of the most popular top-up services for online gaming and entertainment.

“We’re excited to launch Alipay+ Unified Payment, a one-stop solution integrating a wide range of digital payment methods. This upgrade helps merchants handle digital payments more conveniently and seamlessly, and greatly improves their operating efficiency,” Cheng Guoming is the General Manager of Alipay+ Global Partnership at Ant Group. “We are dedicated to leveraging our innovative products and technologies to better serve merchants around the world and facilitating even more cross-border business activities as the global economy recovers from the pandemic.”

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