Aliyu: Power project agreement with Siemens to increase Nigeria’s electricity supply to 25,000MW

According to the Federal Government’s statement, the Siemens Power Project in the Presidential Power Initiative will boost Nigeria’s electricity supply from the current 4,500 megawatts (MW) to 25,000 MW.

Abubakar Aliyu

According to NAN this information was made public by Abubakar Aliyu the Minister of Power at a workshop held by the Power Correspondents Association of Nigeria on Thursday, Abuja.

The Minister said that the Presidential Power Initiative, which began in 2021 and will be completed by 2025, has been in three phases ever since the partnership was signed in 2019.

What does the Minister say

The minister stated that Phases cover the upgrade and expansion of Transmission Networks (TN), and Distribution Companies’ (DisCos), networks.

“Increased access to reliable, affordable and reliable electricity. This will support industrial and economic growth.

“Due to the success of a similar plan by Siemens AG in Egypt, and its reputation for being an international power sector giant, it is highly believed that the Nigeria Electricity Roadmap or NER is possible.

The minister stated that the Federal Government was reviewing the procurement process and was optimistic of a positive result. She cited that the project had reached an advanced phase in line with the Siemens Project Implementation Plan.

He stated that despite 80 percent of our energy being from gas-fired power plants, the FG was driving the change to increase renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydros throughout the country.

We encourage investments in renewable sources in areas that have comparative advantages.

“We are tirelessly working to increase the hydro-and solar opportunities in the country,” said he.

What you need to know

Nairametrics reported in January that the Nigerian Government was to contract Siemens AG for the pre-engineering phase.

Pre-engineering includes: Engineering design, Finalizing project specs, Commissioning works for transmission and distribution systems, and others.

The Presidential Power Initiative (formerly the Nigeria Electrification Roadmap, NER) will now be available in three phases.

  • Target of 7,000MW operating grid capacity
  • 11,000MW
  • 25,000MW.
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