All iPhone 14 Models Could Feature ProMotion Displays

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Apple has introduced new features to its higher-end models over the years. However, Apple will eventually introduce them to all models.

We are not surprised that Apple may bring the ProMotion display on the iPhone 14 according to analyst Jeff Pu. Apple’s 120Hz display is known as ProMotion. It first appeared in the iPad Pro many years ago. However, it was officially introduced to iPhone 13 last year.

The feature was only available to Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. However, Pu suggests that the feature could be available to all iPhone 14 models. Pu suggests that all 14 models could be upgraded to 6GB RAM, as was the case with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pro Max models.

If this is true, we don’t think the recent rumors about a price hike are surprising. Apple may be considering raising the price of certain iPhone 14 models compared to the iPhone 13. This could be because of an increase in RAM and refresh rate across models.

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