ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions launches Australia

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions announces its launch in Australia– a joint venture between ANZ global leader in payments services Worldline. Australian merchants will have access to some of the world’s most advanced payment solutions, proven internationally and adapted to meet the unique requirements of the Australian market.

Worldline is the technology partner for merchants, banks, and acquirers in more than 50 countries. With decades of experience in international and domestic payment systems, Worldline has been a trusted partner.

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions has its headquarters in Melbourne. It is the first partnership in Australia of a big four bank with a specialist payments provider. Worldline holds a 51 per cent stake, while ANZ holds a 49 per cent share.

From 1 April, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions began delivering services to ANZ’s merchant customers. This company offers solutions for small businesses to large enterprises in all sectors, including retail, fuel, and hospitality. It will also be available to Australian merchants who wish to provide better customer experiences.

Vincent Roland, Worldline’s Managing Director, Merchant Services, said the company’s ambition is to bring together Worldline’s global scale and payments expertise with ANZ’s deep local knowledge and financial services leadership.

“Australians have always been early adopters of new technologies such as contactless payment and digital wallets. Australia is number four globally for payment terminals per capita, and the local eCommerce market – thanks largely to COVID – is tipped to get close to AU$100 billion by 2025,” He said.

He said Australia’s strong economic outlook and rising consumer confidence is a promising foundation for merchants who are well-placed to capitalize on Australia’s post-COVID recovery.

Businesses need the tools to be able to react to the rapidly growing demand for digital payments technology and the rebounding economic environment. Mass transaction technology requires economies of scale but each business is unique.

“For small businesses, that means making it easier and faster to accept payments by using tHeir customers’ preferred payment method. For large institutions and businesses, it’s about understanding the entire consumer journey, having insight through data at your fingertips and being able to layer-on value-adding solutions like loyalty programs,” he .

Petr Ryska CEO, ANZ Worldline Payment SolutionsThe company will make significant investments in its local offering to provide innovative and world-leading products to Australia.

“In 2021, Worldline spent the equivalent of c.AU$380[1]Research and development has been invested in excess of $1 billion worldwide. ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions will invest a furtHer $22.4 million in Australia to localise our platform, ensuring we meet the unique requirements of Australian merchants and comply with the various regulatory requirements”, he .

A number of existing ANZ customers are invited to participate in product trials for the new ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions technology. The company will launch its product suite for all Australian merchants in the second phase, which will begin in early 2023.

  • Omnichannel – a solution for the mid-market that facilitates contemporary user journeys that have become the mainstay of large enterprises. It allows customers to seamlessly move between online and offline touchpoints in one purchase. The integrated back-office solution also ensures merchant efficiency and deep customer insight.
  • YUMi – offers a whole new world of tailored and customizable customer interactions at the point of sale and beyond.  This includes self-checkouts and buys now, pay later (BNPL), as well as loyalty programs, all in an award-winning, revolving design.
  • Worldline Mobile Pay – an application that enables merchants to turn selected Android smartphones or tablets into a payments terminal to accept immediate payments from customers. Customers simply need to tap the payment method they want directly on their phone.

Mr Ryska said ANZ Worldline Payments Solutions’ new product suite will help all its merchant customers improve their customers’ shopping experience, boosting loyalty and efficiency at the same time.

“For large enterprises, it means better customer journeys – a seamless, consistent, and straightforward shopping experience whether online, in-store or on the go. You can get paid anywhere you are as a tradesperson. Payments can be made right on the spot using a mobile phone. For a café owner, it means a better and tailored experience for customers who can split bills, run a bar tab, and easily tipstaff,” He .

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions is based in Melbourne. Its operations will ultimately support more than 350 Melbourne-based roles across the joint venture and Worldline’s support services, including 185 newly created roles and 169 roles transferring from ANZ’s local operations. Additional roles will also be available in Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere.

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