ApexEdge Raises $4M in Seed Funding

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ApexEdge is a white-label platform for subscription management that is based in Miami FL. It raised $4M in Seed financing.

Florida Funders, from the Florida Funders Fund 2, led the round with participation by Florida Institute.

The funds will be used by the company to improve talent acquisition and to automate its services.

ApexEdge, headed by Steven McKean (CEO), is a white-label subscription management system designed for banks, fintech and credit unions. It allows customers to cancel subscriptions or negotiate bills with service providers.

ApexEdge works with MetLife, NerdWallet, Intuit and other institutions to provide subscription management and financial advocacy services to enable its customers to cancel subscriptions and reduce their wireless, internet and home service bills by bill negotiation. The company also helps institutions improve customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue.

Intuit’s Mint today announced its partnership with ApexEdge’s Billshark, allowing users to easily negotiate their subscription and bill costs.

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