APP STORE – Apps can now increase the subscription price without your permission

iPhone apps used to require your approval before raising the price of their subscriptions. This is no longer the case. Apple now allows App Store developers to automatically raise their prices under certain conditions. Don’t panic! You will be notified of any price increases.

With 75 billion euros in revenue generated in 2021, the App Store is one of Apple’s most lucrative platforms. Subscribers make up a large portion of this income, and are available in abundance via streaming or dating apps. Cupertino, an organization that is very aware of the issue, also aims to make it easier for users by authorizing payment without having to go through the App Store.

Subscribers can auto-renew their subscriptions to gain access to premium content, services or features within your app. Apple is setting the standard in making subscription management easy and transparent. To let subscribers know about changes, how to manage their subscriptions and cancel, we offer push notifications, in-app messaging, and email.


The manufacturer wants developers to be in their pocket. The manufacturer also wanted to make sure that developers are paid. However, Apple This restriction was just lifted. This means that you might end up paying more than usual. It’s almost.

This new regulation comes with several restrictions. For starters, Apple will continue to notify you when a price increase is about to take effect. The email will be sent several days before the price increase takes effect. It also includes a notification on your phone and a message in the application. The new subscription price should be noted by users.

Subscribers must opt-in to receive an increase in the auto-renewable price. The subscription doesn’t renew at the next billing period for subscribers who didn’t opt into the new price. This has caused some services to be unintentionally stopped for users. They must resubscribe in the app, Settings, iPhone and iPad or the App Store Mac.

Also, developers won’t be able to raise prices as they see fit. The monthly subscription price increase cannot exceed 5 dollars, while the annual subscription price can be increased up to 50 dollars. If the publisher wishes to exceed this limit, it will need to get manual validation from its user. It will be prohibited from applying more than one annual increase and must wait twelve months to receive the next one.

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