Apple 35W Dual Type C GaN Charger Spotted

Apple 35W Dual Type – C GaN Charging Station

The most conservative smartphone industry for fast charging must be Apple, even once deeply disturbed by the explosion of Samsung, this year’s flagship are using a 45W fast charging head, but Apple’s iPhone has not even reached the power of 30W, and the charging head to take out a separate single sale.

This situation is expected to be changed in this year’s iPhone 14. Apple is expected launch a dual port 35W dual USB Type C interface gallium-nitride charger in 2014.

According to the physical picture of the Apple 35W dual Type-C GaN charger brought by Weibo blogger WHYLAB, the charger is available in “single charging head” and “charging head + C to lighting cable set”.

The box also bears the words iPhone 13 Pro Max USB-C+C charger. One of the pins is foldable. Each country has its own plug standards so the charger has a unique style, but it has the same power and function.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has been making predictions about the new charging device for some time. He claims that it will use gallium Nitride technology to create a lighter and smaller form factor. The charger will be available in mass production sometime in 2022. The charger will likely be on sale this year.

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