Apple announces why it is “FORCING” users to upgrade IOS 15

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Apple believes that everyone should update the iOS15 update as soon as possible. According to Apple, this is the most secure system for iPhones. iOS 15 comes with the most recent security updates, which is something that other systems don’t have. Apple wants iPhone users to switch to iOS 15. Apple has fixed two security vulnerabilities that could expose private information with iOS 15. These flaws could expose Apple ID information as well as in-app searches history to third-party applications. Apps can also override the privacy preferences of users. These issues are addressed by the iOS 15 update.

iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8.2 also fix a security flaw that could enable third-party apps to bypass privacy preferences. Apple claims that iOS 15 has been installed on more than 72% of all iPhones sold in the last four years. The iPadOS 15 installation rate is 57%, however. iOS 15 adoption is slower than iOS 14 which has been installed on over 80% of all iPhones in the last four years. iOS 13 was installed on 77% of iPhones in January 2020, which is faster than iOS 15.

Users are advised to upgrade to the most recent iOS and iPadOS versions as security flaws are fixed in iOS 15/IPadOS 15, iOS 15.1/IPadOS 15.1 and iOS 15.1 respectively. Apple is currently testing iOS 15.3 & iPadOS 15.3 together with developers and the public. iOS 15.2.1, iPadOS 15.2.1 are the latest public versions.

Apple also released the iOS/iPadOS 15.3RC update (build number 19D49), to iPhone and iPad users today. This update includes a fix to the Safari bug.


There were reports over the weekend that a bug in Safari’s WebKit engine could let websites track browsing history. This bug allows websites to identify information via the browser. The bug, which exposes user’s identity via Safari browser, allows websites to identify information.

Apple has now provided an official response to this issue. WebKit submissions indicate that Apple has now provided a solution to this bug. Apple is still working on this fix and will release it to customers in the next version of macOS Monterey. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

WebKit is an open-source engine for Apple’s browser. This engine requires Chrome and Edge browsers to be installed on iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. Users who do not use Safari may also be affected. This problem is only for iOS 15 or later.

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