Apple App Store and In-App purchases will implement price adjustments

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Apple reminded developers that prices in certain areas of the App Store will need to change if foreign exchange rates or tax rates change. The App Store will adjust its fees and offer developers benefits. Apple stated that prices for apps and in-app purchases in the App Store in Bahrain and Ukraine (excluding auto-renewing subscribers) will rise in the coming days. Developers will receive an adjustment in their benefit based on the price, excluding taxes.

  • Bahrain: VAT increases from 5% to 10%
  • Ukraine has a new 20% VAT
  • Zimbabwe: A new digital service tax of 5%

The App Store prices for the following regions will not change. Due to tax rates differences, however, developer earnings may change.

  • Bahamas: Reduced VAT from 12% to 10%
  • Oman: A new VAT of 5%
  • Tajikistan: Tajikistan’s VAT is reduced from 18% to 15 percent

If the developer has chosen the correct tax category in App Shop Connect, and earnings are affected, earnings will adjust accordingly to reflect tax rate changes for these content categories:

  • Austria: The VAT on eligible eBooks or audiobooks has been reverted back to 10% (previously, it was 5% temporarily).
  • Latvia: Lower VAT Rate from 21% to 5 for E-books and Electronic Publications
  • Reduce VAT Rate from 19% to 5 % for eBooks, Audiobooks, and Electronic Publications Eligible

The “Price and sales range” section of “My App” will automatically be updated after the adjustments have taken effect. App Store Connect allows developers to change the app’s prices and in-app purchases (including auto-renewing subscriptions). Existing subscribers can keep their current prices if the developer offers a subscription plan.


Apple recently shared its accomplishments in developing proprietary services in a press release. Apple is particularly proud of the App Store’s success. According to the company, more than $260 million has been earned by developers hosting their apps through the App Store since its launch in 2008. You will need to subtract from this the commission Apple charges for every purchase in the app store. It is worth noting that the App Store has paid $60 billion to the developers of software. Apple reported that it had paid $ 155 billion to developers over the life of its app store.

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