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There have been several reports from China recently that the iPhone 13 Series displays a pink screen. According to reports, the problem cannot be fixed by updating the system or resetting the smartphone. There are also complaints about the pink screen, which is said to cause lag, flashback, automatic reboot, and other issues. Apple has provided an official response to the latest trending issues. Apple’s customer service stated …” We have not received any relevant notices and that this is a hardware issue. This is because such an issue usually occurs when the system becomes stuck.

Apple has stated that it agrees with this statement that the problem is software-related. Apple recommends that users back up all data and update to the most current system. Apple recommends that users back up their data to avoid any incompatibility issues. This pink screen problem affects iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and other models.

However, the iPhone 13’s pink screen isn’t full-screen pink, as can be seen from many of the photos posted by netizens. You can still see the system status bar icons as well as other information on the screen. This issue could be caused by a bug in Apple’s system software. Apple will likely fix it quickly.

Apple has not yet announced when the update would be available. iOS 15.3 is currently in development and comes with a fix to the Safari vulnerability. It is not clear if the update will fix the pink screen problem.


There were reports over the weekend that a bug in Safari’s WebKit engine could let websites track browsing history. This bug allows websites to identify information via the browser. The bug, which exposes a user’s identity via Safari browser, allows websites to identify information.

Apple has now provided an official response to this issue. WebKit submissions indicate that Apple has now provided a solution to this bug. Apple is still working on this fix and will release it to customers in the next version of macOS Monterey. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

WebKit is an open-source engine for Apple’s browser. This engine requires Chrome and Edge browsers to be installed on iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. Users who do not use Safari may also be affected. This problem is only for iOS 15 or later.

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