China reports that many Apple devices are pushing strange ads through the family app. These ads are irritatingly promoted by the Apple Home App, according to this report. You will notice strange messages popping up in your message feeds if you pay close attention. These messages will be displayed in the notification bar on the iPhone lock screen. These messages contain indiscriminately malicious psoriasis information. These are clearly illegal ads, as evident by the copywriting and wording. The Apple Home APP launches a smart terminal device. This is important for iPhone users.

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As with Mijia’s, remote control of smart homes can be done through the app as long as they support HomeKit. Its push invitation principle is very straightforward. These push invitations can be sent to anyone as long as the owner’s email address is known. These messages are harmless but Apple’s privacy and security technology is supposed to be “bulletproof”.

This loophole is not being used by Apple, it is evident. This loophole has existed for many years and no solution has been provided by Apple. This spam can be avoided if users keep their email addresses safe.

Apple, as we all know is a company that values user experience. There is a strong correlation between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Airdrop is a great way to send pictures or videos to friends who use iPhones. After adding the device to your Wi-Fi network, you can instantly share it with a friend who is visiting your house. This is how Apple’s ecosystem still supports the idea of “sharing”. It has strong tandem effects between devices and strongly binds users with the ecology. This also broadens the user base who use Apple devices.

But, every thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Sharing is convenient, but it also comes with security risks. Airdrops from strangers in the subway have been received by some netizens before. There is a good chance they will get some strange content if their mobile phones are not turned off.

The notification is, however, harmless, as we have already said. The attackers don’t know if the mail was sent to Apple users. These notifications typically have two options: “accept” and “reject”. After you click on one of the options, the notification will let you know that the email belongs an Apple user. The email will be used to attack others. This annoying pop-up window is best ignored.

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