Apple Updates Magsafe Battery Pack Charging Speed

It’s common to see companies rolling out updates to tweak the performance and other aspects of smartphones. We can see some of these updates also reaching devices in the Internet of Things spectrum, but it’s not very usual to see an update reaching a Power Bank. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Apple and its MagSafe Powerbank. The MagSafe Powerbank was shipped by Apple, but the accessory’s initial charging speed is apparently not satisfactory. The company released a firmware update to increase the charging speed of the MagSafe Battery Pack. iPhone owners can now enjoy this firmware update. support MagSafe wireless charging offers faster speeds

Apple is increasing the speed of the power bank with the new version 2.7 firmware update. The firmware update increases the wireless speed by 5W to 7.75W. That’s not a massive increment, but is still significant and apparently is what Apple judged safe. According to the company the update will automatically begin after users attach their batteries to their iPhones. It is possible that the update will occur in the background while the device remains connected to the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 All users will receive the update within a few days. However, it’s possible to check the current firmware version through the settings. You just need to navigate to Settings >> General >> About >> MagSafe Battery Pack.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack was launched in July 2021. This was the company’s second bigger accessory using the MagSafe tech after the MagSafe Wallet. While the device was appreciated by many Apple fans, there were also many disappointed ones. Many users were disappointed by the device’s 5 W speed. Because the iPhone 12 Mini’s smallest iPhone has a short battery life, this accessory became very popular. MagSafe Battery Pack users will now be able to charge their devices at speeds up to 7.5 W. Worth noting, however, that Apple’s official charging bank, will still be behind the competition in terms of speed. Anker, Belkin and Otterbox already have compatible devices that are faster than the Apple’s.

Apple plays safe with its iPhone line, even though it is taking a different route to fast charging speed for smartphones. Apple also invested in magnetic charging rather than traditional wireless charging. Apple is rumored to be working on a portless iPhone. The charging method for that device will be MagSafe.

The upcoming iPhone 14 series will still get MagSafe, and wired charging will still happen through the Lightning port. Apple will now sell the iPhone 14 Max, instead of the smaller version. The new iPhone 14 Max will feature the same hardware, but a larger screen and a bigger battery. As per recent reports, the iPhone 13 is selling well, but the iPhone SE 3 is close to becoming a flop.

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