APPLE IOS 15 actually performs worse then IOS 13 & IOS 14

Millions of iPhone users have updated to iOS 15 since its official announcement. Apple released data about the number of iOS 15 installations for the first time. According to the results, iOS 15 has 72% of all the iPhone models that were launched over the past four years. The iOS 14 share is 26%, while the 2% remaining is for older systems. iOS 15 boasts a 63% share in all-device installation if you add models from four years ago. The iOS 14 currently boasts 30%, while the remaining 7% stick with older versions.

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iPadOS 15 has a lower percentage of devices, at 57%. It has a 49% share for devices that were created within the past four years. iOS 15 offers more upgrades than its predecessor in terms of device performance. The iOS 15 performs worse in terms of installation speed than iOS 13 or iOS 14.

The four-year iOS 14 device install ratio was 81% in December 2020. In January 2020, the iOS 13 also reached 77%. Apple appears to have taken steps, despite being unhappy with iOS 15’s performance. It is still an optional update in the early stages of iOS 15. Users can choose between iOS 14/15. Apple has stopped security updates for iOS 14 however. Apple has stopped iOS 14 security updates. Users must upgrade to iOS 15 if they want to fix bugs and have a better system.

iOS 15

iOS 15.2.1 is the most recent official version. iOS 15.3 Beta 2 is the beta version. iOS 14.8.1 is the latest official version. For those still using iOS 14.8, the option to check for updates is gone. They will be required to upgrade to iOS 15.2.1.


Trevor Spiniolas, a researcher, discovered a serious bug within Apple’s Home App, an application that allows for home automation. This malfunction occurs when a HomeKit device with a name exceeding 500,000 characters is added through the Home app.

This device can cause an iPhone to crash or restart in iOS15. You might experience an inexplicable reboot if the Home devices option on your iPhone is enabled. Trevor Spiniolas suggests that he disable House Controls to protect himself and Apple fix the flaw. This section allows you to access “suggested controls to House scenes or automation” without opening the app.

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