Apple might be developing the second-gen Apple AirTag

Apple makes many products for different purposes. Many of these products have no competition. They are Apple’s best, so many customers don’t see any reason to search for alternatives. There is however one product that has some issues. We are referring to the Apple AirTag, as you can guess. This device can be used to track keys, headphones and backpacks as well as luggage. However, there will always exist people who use this product to spy on others. Ming-Chi Kuo an Apple analyst, suggests that Apple may be considering launching the second generation.

Apple has not released much information about the new product in fact since the introduction of its first-generation Apple AirTag last year. However, Apple may launch the second-generation AirTag due to the steady increase in its shipments.

In a tweet he stated that Apple AirTag shipments will reach approximately 20 million and 35 millions units by 2022 and 2021, respectively.


The company has made numerous improvements since its launch to address various issues. As you remember, we reported several cases when thieves were attaching the Apple AirTag to the luxurious vehicles that they were going to steal later. It even helped the police to track down the robbery suspect. The use of this product has a direct relationship to privacy and user data. Of course, the firmware updates fixed some bugs and Apple even launched an Android app to help users discover where the AirTag came from and teach them how to turn it off. The company has many things to improve.

Ming-Chi Kuo was unsure what Apple would do for the second-generation AirTag. However, there are many reasons to believe that Apple will try to improve antitracking, speakers and battery life. Apple may also change its design so users can take it anywhere without any additional accessories.

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