APPLEWATCH SERIES 8: No Blood Pressure Monitor or Blood glucose Sensor

AppleWatchSeries7 700x394 1After a very stingy Apple Watch Series 7 with new features, the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected the turn. The brand’s future connected watch must imperatively offer new functionalities to establish its dominance in an increasingly competitive market.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch would have a temperature sensor. This was initially intended to assist with fertility planning. It is possible to choose the most fertile time by using a slightly higher temperature. Apple will also improve atrial fibrillation detection with watchOS 9, the next version of the watch operating system.


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Series 8 would, however, still miss many of the long-awaited functions. This is also true for the blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure sensor would cause problems for Apple teams. The measurements taken during the initial tests were not accurate enough to report on anonymous sources. This tool is only intended to alert hypertensive users. The sensor is unable to measure blood pressure in detail.

Apple Inc.’s plan to add a highly anticipated blood-pressure monitor to its smartwatch has hit some snags and the technology isn’t expected to be ready until 2024 at the earliest, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

In this context, Apple would have postponed the integration of the blood pressure monitor to 2024. Apple Watch Series 10 would be the first Apple Watch to incorporate the blood pressure sensor. The American group has been working on this device for many years. “The feature has been planned for at least four years, but it’s likely two years away from hitting the market and could even slip into 2025,” reports Bloomberg.

The next connected watch will also ignore the glucose sensor. This option, which is capable of measuring blood sugar levels for many years, won’t be available until the next connected watch. No date has been set yet.

Apple Watch Series 8 should be discontinued in three models, according to the latest news. This trio will be revealed during the September 2022 keynote. We’ll be sharing more details about the Apple Watch as soon and as we can. You can still leave your comments below while you wait for more information.

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