Apple will release a cheaper apple tv box in the second half of the year

Apple plans to launch a new Apple TV Box in the second half of 2022. This comes from Apple, a well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. “Apple will launch a new version of Apple TV that improves cost structure in 2H22,” Kuo said. He believes that Apple’s aggressive strategy of integrating hardware, content and services will pay off. This he claims will also help the company “narrow the gap with competitors”.

Apple TV Box

The “competitors” Kuo is referring to may refer to Google’s Chromecast series, Amazon’s Fire TV series, and the Roku series. The current Apple TV 4K model was released in April 2021 and is priced at $179 with 32GB storage, and $199 with 64GB of storage. Apple TV HD HD used to cost $149 with 32GB of storage. Comparatively, streaming boxes with 32GB storage are much more expensive. Under $50.


The report claims that Apple will launch a more affordable TV box. However, this is only a rumor. Apple will not make a TV Box half the price of the existing boxes. It might be less expensive than the currently available products on the market. It may not be as affordable as the $50 price tag.


According to MacRumors reports, in the past few months, some Apple TV users have been complaining about problems with Dolby Atmos. According to feedback, external speakers that are connected to an Apple TV with Dolby Atmos audio can cause problems. Sound may be completely cut off. It is also possible for the sound to be completely cut off by users..

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This issue was experienced by some users of the Apple TV app. However, it is fixed now. The majority of complaints were made by Netflix users. Some users reported that the problem was resolved by changing the audio settings and disabling Dolby Audio.

Apple released the tvOS15.5 Beta 4 update for developers on May 4, This update focuses primarily on bug fixes and improvements of low level. It isn’t clear at this time if the update addresses any of the issues. However, The tvOS 15.5 Beta4 update for developers (19L570), is intended for testing purposes. The software was released seven days after the fourth beta version had been released.

Developers can download the latest tvOS 15.5 Beta using Xcode. This will allow them to download a configuration file. Apple TV. TVOS updates are usually smaller in scale. Focus primarily on bug fixes and improvements of low-level nature rather than major external-facing changes.

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