Apple’s HomePod mini speaker is being tested in Denmark and Norway

The HomePod mini speaker from Apple is currently being developed for release in seven additional countries, including Denmark & Norway. One tester confirmed that he had received a test copy.

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According to the tester, who would like to remain anonymous, he was instructed to install a special profile pack on both the iPhone as well as the HomePod mini. This has “opened up” the possibility of languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

The speaker was sent directly from Apple Barcelona. It lasted eight weeks. The tester will be compensated with an Apple TV 4K, approximately DKK 1,500 (about $250) and a certificate of completion. We can therefore conclude that the Danish launch of this speaker is imminent.

The HomePod mini was introduced just over a decade ago to be a minor replacement for the original HomePod. Apple stopped producing the mini version of its original HomePod, allegedly because it didn’t sell enough.

The HomePod mini is not yet officially launched in Denmark. However, it can still be found on webshops that have imported it from other countries. It will not be able to speak or understand Danish until it has been officially launched.

The exact date when the HomePod mini will arrive in the country is unknown, but Swedish testers believe it will happen in the next few months.


Our experience has shown that Apple and other technology companies around the world see the Nordic region as one market. Therefore, launches in other countries are often done at the same time.

However, Denmark and Sweden were months ahead of Norway when Siri arrived in the Nordics for the first time. They were able to receive local support for Siri during the launch of iOS 8.3, which was in spring 2015; however, users in Norway had to wait until iOS 9 (which came in the autumn) to be able to use Siri in Norwegian.

We may be able also to expect the HomePod Mini from Norway in 2022. However, it might take a while longer than the Swedes who expect to receive it “within the next few months”.

Apple has not commented on any of this. This includes the possible launch dates or the testing of Siri Swedish in some Nordic countries. We can take this information with a grain of salt. The video with Siri in Swedish gives us a clue that the speaker is heading to the Nordics.

Here’s a complete list of countries where HomePod mini may launch in the coming year:

  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
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