Aquiline Closes Aquiline Technology Growth Fund II for More than $365M

Aquiline Capital Partners, a private investment firm based in New York and London, closed Aquiline Technology Growth Fund II, at more than $365 million.

Aquiline has raised the Fund from new and existing investors around the world and plans to continue ATG’s strategy of partnering with innovative early- and growth-stage technology companies across fintech, insuretech and related enterprise software and services.

ATG made 27 investments in two funds. These investments were spread across the financial service value chain and included companies that use technology for enabling functions such as sales, distribution, back-office automation, and product innovation.

The team includes:

  • Jeff Greenberg, Chairman & CEO of Aquiline Capital Partners
  • Max Chee is Head of Aquiline Technology Growth
  • Mike Cichowski, who leads ATG’s growth investing, which partners with boot-strapped companies requiring capital to accelerate growth.

Aquiline Capital Partners, a private investor firm, was established in 2005. They invest in companies in financial services, technology, healthcare, and business services. As of March 31, 2022, the firm had $8.7 Billion in assets under its management. Aquiline Technology Growth (ATG), which invests in technology companies at both the early and late stages of their development, aims to bring innovation to the financial and insurance services industries.

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