Are You a Startup? These are 5 ways to grow

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners remain in startup mode for too long. This is mostly due in part to the lack of taking deliberate steps to scale up.

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People may be conditioned to believe that you are a startup. This can prevent you from taking steps for real growth.

You must consciously shift from planning to actually doing in order to transition from startup mode to matured-up mode.

You will look back in a few years at your early phases as an integral part your business history. Remember when you were just a kid and you had to pack boxes. This is the mindset you need to adopt if you want to scale up. Here are five ways you can do it.


You will be responsible to manage almost everything in the initial stages of your startup. As your startup grows, you will need to invest in people and delegate tasks that you are unable to handle.

Research shows that three-quarters of small businesses do not have employees, which is a sign of the resistance people face when delegating.

Your business must grow and you will need people to do it. When you consider that people are not a cost, it is wrong to think they are.

Pick your battles

It doesn’t make sense to get too involved in choosing a logo. As your business grows, your brand and logo will change. It is important to focus your energy on the most important things.

Focus on more pressing matters like growing customers and making money. When hunting big game, don’t bother with mosquitoes.

Pay attention

Being known is a major problem for startups. It is your most important task to get attention for yourself and your company. It is the key to every dollar that you raise.

Muhammed Ali was a rager and attracted attention when he claimed that he was the greatest person ever to have known him.

He was determined to prove himself and this turned criticism into admiration. Attract attention, critics get admiration.

Make a pitch change

Instead of saying, “I own small web design business,” say, “I own unique web design business that will increase sales for your company.”

The first depicts you as insignificant and small, with no claims. The second, on the other hand, portrays you as unique, confident, and capable of making money.

Learn how to pitch your business and be ready to quickly describe what your company can do better than others and what it offers the market. Next, make big claims to the rest of the world.

Instill a sense of urgency

Stability is the result of starting a business without establishing clear timelines. The only thing that will help you move forward is your excuses.

In business, one of the most costly mistakes is failing to act with enough urgency. Entrepreneurship is a long marathon that requires many sprints.

To give your team the right momentum, you need to win many small races. If you are offered a job by a client and assign tasks to your team, it is important to use pressure and create urgency to receive progress updates.

It helps keep teammates on track and, in most cases it guarantees a job well-done.

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