At 207 Mbps, Singapore has world’s fastest internet speed

According to a BanklessTimes study, Singapore is the fastest internet speed hub worldwide.

It has an average internet speed of 207.61. Chile was second, with a median internet speed 200.01 Megabits per Second (Mbps), and Thailand came third with 189.64Mbps.

The following is an extract from the BanklessTimesWith a median internet speed at 151.21Mbps, the United States ranked eighth. The fourth, fifth and sixth positions were taken by Macau, China, Denmark, and China. Median internet speed in Hong Kong was 181.70 Mb, while Denmark had 166.11 Mb, China had 162.74 Mb, and Macau had 158.48 Mb.

BanklessTimes chief executive Jonathan Merry says, “Of the top eight countries with the fastest speed in the fixed broadband category, China is the most improved one, having stepped up three positions. Hong Kong climbed one place, while Denmark fell from the fourth to fifth position. The remaining countries, including Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Macau, and the United States, maintained their positions.”

Performance of global fixed broadband internet

Globally, the average download speed for fixed broadband categories is 63.46Mbps. The global median upload speed is 27.06Mbps. The global median latency is 10.

From April 2021 through April 2022, the median download speeds increased steadily. In 2021 it was 48.42Mbps and in 2022 it was 63.46Mbps. This represents an increase of 15.04Mbps, bringing it to 31% annual growth.

The median upload speed, on the other hand, followed the same trend. The speed increased steadily, from 19.60 Mbps in March 2021 to 27.06Mbps. This increases the annual median data transfer speed to 7.46 Mbps. The annual percentage change in median upload speed is therefore 38%.

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