Aurion Biotech Raised $120M Funding

Funding of $120M was raised by Aurion Biotech, a clinical-stage biotech company based in Tokyo, Japan, Boston, MA, and Seattle, WA.

Deerfield Management led the round, along with Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management and Flying L Partners. Visionary Ventures was also involved. Andrew ElBardissi, M.D. and partner at Deerfield Management, and Patrick Lally, partner at Petrichor, will join Aurion Biotech’s board of directors.

The funds will be used by the company to further its cell therapy program to treat corneal edema secondary endothelial dysfunction. This condition affects around 16 million people in Japan, Europe, and the US. The achievement of key operational and clinical milestones will determine how funds are disbursed.

Aurion Biotech, a biotech company in the clinical stage, has its first candidate for treating corneal edema secondary endothelial dysfunction. A multi-step, proprietary, and patentable process is used to culture healthy cells from donor corneas. One donor can produce cells that can treat more than 100 recipients. Patients have seen significant and lasting improvements in important measures of corneal health in Japan through clinical trials. These include visual acuity and corneal endothelial cells density.

The technology was acquired by the company in 2020. Aurion Biotech will submit a JNDA for Japanese market approval and an IND to start clinical trials in the US.


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