Avalanche users can now buy Polygon and BSC assets in one transaction


Cross-chain messaging system Router Protocol has integrated Avalanche network’s C-Chain to enable communication between Avalanche and other supported blockchains, such as Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Users can now buy digital assets on Polygon, BSC and other blockchains in one transaction. Cross-chain services allows users to transfer data between multiple blockchains which, otherwise, do not interact.
  • Router had previously raised over $4.1 Million in a strategic round of funding that also included participation by Coinbase Ventures, which is the investment arm for crypto exchange Coinbase, as well as QCP Capital, a prominent crypto fund.
  • C-Chain is short for Contract Chain and it’s one of three chains that Avalanche has built. Other chains include Platform Chain (PChain), Exchange Chain (XChain), and Platform Chain (PChain). Each is validated and protected by a single primary networks.
  • X-Chain is intended to allow users to create and exchange assets; P-Chain allows for the creation of smaller networks called “subnets;” C-Chain allows developers to deploy smart contracts, which in turn allow the creation of Avalanche-based products and services.
  • Some benefits to users include low-fee transfer of native assets, such as on Avalanche’s AVAX and Polygon’s MATIC directly without relying on third parties or having to use centralized crypto exchanges. According to the company, most transactions will settle in less than one minute.
  • Router will automatically match trades on supported blockchains between decentralized Exchanges (DEX). This is to search for the lowest rates. Router will match users who want to trade from AVAX or MATIC. Router will check Pangolin and Joe, two Avalanche DEXs. Then, Router will conduct the trade using the lower fee.
  • Ramani Ramachandran, a co-founder of Router Protocol, said such products allow the broader industry to reach a “multi-blockchain” future in which products and services run on several interconnected networks instead of a single, dominant blockchain.
  • “As blockchain ecosystems continue to grow, they are becoming increasingly siloed and unconnected from each other, preventing the industry from reaching its full potential,” he said in the statement.
  • Router Protocol is releasing a software developer kit that will allow developers build cross-chain apps that can interact with multiple chain.
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