Axie Infinity releases Origin Android APK

Axie Infinity Shards, (AXS), appear to have been the only cryptocurrency to trade slightly higher in the last 24 hours, despite the bear market. Buyers appear optimistic over the blockchain game’s Origin Android APK launch, announced over Discord on Thursday.

The following is an extract from the announcement, the update will include UI improvements, and a “full HD graphic” option in the game’s settings.

This will allow the game to run more quickly by activating all status and rune effects simultaneously. A patch was added to fix bugs such as a decreased volume at battle’s start and an option to stop users from looking at their next drawn card without spending any energy.

It will also change the time that Bloodmoon turns 15. Bloodmoon is an effect that causes damage to all axis members of the field, regardless if they have shields.

AXS was trading at just $17 prior to the announcement. The stock quickly rose by $24.33 in just five hours.

It’s since settled at around $22.03 at the time of writing and is now the 41st largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

However, the wider crypto market is still in trouble. Bitcoin has fallen to new lows since December 2020, while LUNA has dropped by an astounding 99.9%.

AXS managed to retain its market position even after its blockchain – Ronin – was struck by history’s largest Defi hack in March.

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