Ballistic Ventures Launches $300M First Cybersecurity Fund

Ballistic Ventures

Ballistic Ventures, a San Francisco, CA-based new venture capital firm dedicated exclusively to funding and incubating entrepreneurs and innovations in cybersecurity, launched its maiden fund that’s expected to close at $300 million.

Ballistic is a new model of venture firm in the cybersecurity space – a group of “founders backing founders.”

General Partners Barmak Meftah and Ted Schlein, Jake Seid and Agnes So will be the partners of Ballistic Ventures. Incubation Partner Derek Smith, Strategic Partner Kevin Mandia, and Roger Thornton are also among them. Michelle Kincaid is joining the firm to serve as vice President of Marketing and Platforms, while Agnes So will act as Vice President of Finance and Operations.

Each partner has a track record of leading, funding, and founding startups. They also have a history of growing ideas into multi-billion-dollar businesses. They have combined more than 90 cybersecurity companies, more than 10,000 security professionals worldwide, and more than $100 billion in funding or operating companies.

Already, the fund has been deployed in funding rounds at an early stage for cybersecurity innovators.

  • Pangea is a cybersecurity startup that focuses on developing API security solutions for developers.
  • Intelligent, concentrated AI solutions for business-critical information
  • Nudge Security is a cybersecurity startup that secures organizations using the power of the modern workforce.
  • Veza, a data safety platform based on the power and authorization of users.


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