Bectran Launches Enhanced Data Integration Interface for SME Credit

Credit, Collections & Accounts Receivable Software leader Bectran, Inc. today unveiled the Enhanced SME API, a data integration solution designed to simplify and accelerate the dual integration of ERP and other third-party data into the Bectran platform for SMEs. The Enhanced SME API is a more simple and straightforward data preparation and transmission solution that matches the data complexity and corporate IT capabilities of SMEs.

As more technologies and processes are implemented in organizations, the pressure on IT professionals has increased. The way services are deployed and scaled is changing dramatically with the adoption of SaaS-based SaaS technology solutions. SaaS platforms still require enterprise data integration. Credit, Collections, and Accounts Receivable data are all examples of this. The Enhanced SME API offers significant advantages in data integration, including a simplified interface and minimal corporate IT support.

The enhanced SME API was specifically created to allow automatic data transmission between the Bectran platform, and third-party platforms. Bectran analyzes third party credit and accounts receivable data and provides the basis for credit risk management and cash applications as well as collections management.

“The real-time transmission of credit intelligence is critical to the functions of a cloud-based financial management platform. The Enhanced SME API was created to improve data integration and empower credit departments to move to a dynamic data management platform without extensive IT support. Access to an inflow of real-time third-party credit and accounts receivable data provides businesses with the end-to-end visibility needed to make smarter, data-enabled financial decisions,” said Louis Ifeguni, CEO and Founder of Bectran.

“Michelin sought to find a credit management solution that had full integration capabilities with our current CRM. This integration was necessary to allow our team immediate access to all customer histories, which would enable them to make data-driven credit decision. With weekly implementation meetings and the full support of Bectran’s technical team, information from our CRM was seamlessly integrated into the Bectran application. The automated data aggregation and credit evaluation capabilities of Bectran’s IDM supported Michelin’s credit department in making quicker data-driven credit decisions,”  Tim Murphy, Michelin senior information system project manager, The world’s largest tire manufacturer and distributor.

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