Best Nintendo Switch headsets in 2022

It used to be difficult to find a good headset for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has made it possible to connect via Bluetooth from the Switch. Some of the best headsets still use the 3.5mm jack of the Switch, despite that. You’ll want to pay attention to a few key points if you are looking for the best Nintendo Switch headsets.

Consider the type of connection you have and how you like to use your Switch. You can choose between wireless and wired options if you prefer to play in handheld mode. Keep in mind that wireless options may use USB-C dongles which will not allow you to charge your Switch if you have your headphones plugged into.

Second, consider whether you will be using your Switch at work or at home. We recommend a lightweight headset that can be carried around for commutes. Gaming headsets that are bulky or heavy can make it difficult to transport. You are looking for more great gaming headset recommendations. You should also check out our best wireless headsets guide and our best PS5 headsets guide.

Finding the right Switch headset for you is all about finding what works best. Below are some helpful options that will help you choose the right pair.

HyperX Cloud Alpha is the best Nintendo Switch headset overall

Pros: Comfortable, affordable and available for long hours

Cons: Not the most feature-packed

For a number of years, the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset has been a favorite among gamers. It is affordable and has a comfortable padded headband. HyperX uses 50mm, dual-chamber drivers, to provide a more distinct audio experience without the distortion that you may find in cheaper headsets.

This headset is made from durable aluminum and will last for many years. The boom mic can be detached at any time, so you can use the headset with voice or on-the-go for a more portable feel. The HyperX Cloud Alpha has a 3.5mm connector, giving it unparalleled compatibility with all consoles, even the Nintendo Switch. If you want to transport the cable safely, you can easily detach it.

In-line control for audio allows you to adjust the volume. You can chat with your friends and team members while gaming by having the microphone certified for both TeamSpeak or Discord. Although the HyperX Cloud Alpha isn’t as feature-rich as other headsets, it does have some of the same features. The combination of comfort and great quality makes the HyperX Cloud Alpha the best headset for Nintendo Switch.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the best budget headset for Nintendo Switch

Pros – Price, sounds great and fits great

Cons: Lacks features found in other headsets

Turtle Beach is a well-known brand when it comes to console gaming headsets. The company’s reputation has been built on quality products. The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is an excellent example of this.

Although it was designed for Xbox, the Recon 70 is equally good on Switch. The headset is great sounding and has a lightweight and sturdy design. The headset weighs only three ounces, and it comes with a 4-foot cable that can be connected to your Nintendo Switch. It can be connected to any console with a 3.5mm port.

The headset’s volume can be controlled directly from the earcup. This means that you don’t have to worry about Mario Kart’s sessions getting too loud. Turtle Beach’s famous flip-up microphone is included in the Turtle Beach Recon 70. It can be removed at any time. The microphone is powerful and provides a clear, crisp response so that your friends can hear you.

This headset has one major drawback: you can’t take out the mic and it lacks other high-quality features like noise-canceling.

ROG Strix Go, 2.4 is the best noise-canceling headset on Nintendo Switch

Pros: Noise-cancelling, great audio quality, fast-charging

Cons: Need an app to get the best sound quality

It used to be difficult to find wireless headsets compatible with the Switch. It’s easier to find a good pair of headsets that work with the Switch now that Nintendo has introduced Bluetooth connectivity. The ROG Strix Go2.4 headset is what keeps us coming back.

The headset uses a 2.4Ghz USB dongle that plugs into the USB-C port at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch. The headset’s industry-leading noise-canceling technology is what really sets it apart. It blocks out outside noises to make sure you can hear the best sounds and most important details of your game.

It is also lightweight and comfortable. The ROG Strix GO 2.4 is light at only 252 grams. You can also easily transport the ROG Strix GO 2.4 with its swivel fold design so that you don’t miss a game while on the go.

This headset has one real drawback: the audio quality is not good enough to justify its price. For better audio quality, you can use the ASUS companion app to set it up.

Sennheiser GSP500 is the best premium Nintendo Switch headset

Pros Large ear cups, integrated volume wheels, excellent audio quality

Cons: Headband may make you feel uncomfortable

It is not uncommon to find the Sennheiser brand on headset lists. Sennheiser has a long history of creating great audio equipment that meets consumers’ needs. This is evident in the GSP 500.

Large earcups make the GSP 500 easy to fit. They are made from a suede-like material so that your ears won’t get too hot during long gaming sessions. You can adjust the volume level of the earcups on the fly. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the sound being too loud or quiet.

You can easily mute during gameplay with the built-in microphone’s flip-to-mute feature. The headband was designed to reduce contact pressure. Sennheiser claims that the headband can be tailored to fit every user.

For users who want a headset that sounds great, this is the perfect choice. Over time, the headband cushion may become less comfortable. It can become uncomfortable if you play for long periods of time. This design is very user-centric, so it might not be a good fit for casual gamers, especially if they travel often.

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds are the best earbuds to use with Nintendo Switch

Pros –Bluetooth, USB-C dongle connectivity, excellent audio quality

Cons: Expensive, can get uncomfortable after long sessions

Some people don’t like bulky headsets. If this is you, you might be looking for great earbuds that will work with your Nintendo Switch. You could use any Bluetooth-enabled pair of earbuds you like, but that’s not the point.

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid is the perfect set of earbuds for you if you are looking for the highest audio quality possible. Sennheiser’s gaming-centric brand, EPOS. It offers the same quality we have come to expect from Sennheiser headphone products. These headphones can be connected to Bluetooth, but gamers can also use the USB-C dongle for low-latency audio while gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

In this case, the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds can last up to 20 hours. This means you can spend more time playing the best Switch games and less time charging them. These earbuds can become a bit uncomfortable after prolonged gaming sessions, as with all earbuds. These earbuds are not the most expensive. They are well worth the money, especially if you need gaming earbuds to fit your Switch.

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