Better Agency buys Neoteric agent

Neoteric Agent was recently acquired by Better Agency, an insurance software firm. Neoteric Agent, an insurance proposal tool that allows agents to create custom video proposals, is now available for purchase.

Will Shaw, co-founder of Better Agency and CEO, spoke in an interview, “Better Agency is dedicated to helping independent agents maximize efficiency and grow their sales. Agency Success is at the center of everything we do, and helping agencies issue $1 Billion in new business premiums by 2024.”

“Agencies can’t grow on scattered tech stacks or legacy platforms, especially in a hybrid or remote world,” Shaw. “Our dream of a single, unified platform allows independent agents to remain focused and allows them to better automate tasks and communications they have with their clients at scale. This is how we define agency success.”

Currently, more than 2,000 independent insurance agents in all 50 states rely on the Better Agency’s assisted-automation platform to help automate tasks, sales, and processes.

Grant Botma, founder of Neoteric Agents had this to share: “Choosing Better Agency to carry on the vision of Neoteric Agent was easy. I know and trust the people in leadership, and the mission of their company closely aligns with the reason why I started Neoteric in the first place – to help independent agents make a bigger impact on their communities.

“We all know that Independent Agents are absolutely the best place for consumers to get insurance. Neoteric Agent software highlights that truth to prospective insureds. Better Agency is fully equipped to take Neoteric Agent to the next stage. To have an even greater impact through the Independent Agency channel. This is a great industry. I can’t wait for you all to see what Better Agency is going to do with Neoteric Agent.”

ShawThe possibility of acquiring vertical-saas platforms was always an option. “We want to help agencies quote, bind, and issue more policies,”He said. “This strategic acquisition will help us to continue the pursuit of our mission to help independent agents be better in all the facets of their agency.”


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