CZ reports that Binance recovered $5.8 million from the Axie Intelity Hackers

Binance’s CEO reported earlier today that the company recovered nearly $6 million out of the $600 million stolen in the hack against the Ronin Network. These funds were among the first on the move after the exploit took place about a month ago.

CZ tweeted the following information on April 22: The hacker group responsible for the largest DeFi exploit began to move some of these stolen funds. Part of the money was transferred to Binance, where it was distributed among 86 accounts. The exchange then blocked their access and recovered all the funds.

Binance’s CEO suggested that his company has done something rather similar in other situations. In 2020, attackers sent funds to Binance as well as a few other exchanges in the hack against Eterbase. This incident was almost identical but less fraudulent.

Reported the events in late March when it became known that the Ronin Network – an EVM blockchain for P2E games – was exploited in the largest DeFi hack to date.

The attackers took 173,600 Ethereum and 25.5M USDC. This totaled to more than $600 million.

Later on, the FBI confirmed the initial rumors that the Lazarus Group – a hacking organization backed by the North Korean government – was behind the exploit.


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