BitPowr launches in Nigeria, providing blockchain infrastructure for businesses


With its flexibility to adapt to different operational requirements, blockchain technology is changing the way businesses operate. Bitpowr uses this technology to power other companies.

Bitpowr officially launched its operations after being in stealth mode since September. Bitpowr is a platform that offers digital assets solutions and a blockchain wallet for companies and organizations looking to scale up their operations.

Toby Oyetoke is the CEO and CTO at BitPowr. He created the platform to allow other startups to scale up their operations, rather than focusing on the integration of the Blockchain which can take time and money.

API for Wallet and Payments

Bitpowr’s Wallet API is a complete wallet management solution. It allows businesses to create and manage multiple types of wallets, for different blockchains and different use cases. This interface is simple.

Bitpowr wallet allows you to easily create multi-currency accounts that include your most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitpowr wallet is available to make crypto payments, save and build your exchange, as well as carry out crypto banking.

Businesses can accept cryptocurrency payments through the payments API with minimal to no setup.

Although there are some API-based products on the market, they do not provide all the services that businesses require. BitPowr is a product that can be customized to meet the needs of crypto-enabled businesses.

Who can use Bitpowr

Fintech companies who want to create exchanges and P2P platforms can use Bitpowr. It’s also available to retail platforms who want to integrate crypto payment into their system, as well as businesses who want to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method and manage their assets.

It also claims that the platform offers data privacy and web security for businesses by using a variety of cryptosystem layers, including Multi-Party Computation, Threshold Cryptography and NaclBox Public Key Cryptography.

These are the key to ensuring businesses have high levels of security, resilience, and availability.

Bitpowr users will be required to pay $100 a month maintenance fee. The monthly fee for subscriptions to Bitpowr will be determined by the amount of transactions that were made during the month. Thus, the less transaction volume the platform receives, the lower the percentage that is remitted.

Bitpowr is a stealthy startup with clients in Nigeria and Cameroon. It plans to expand its reach to other African countries by Q2 2022.

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