Black Girls in Tech teams up with CrowdForce to ‘break the bias’

Black Girls in Tech is a Nigerian-based group that works to increase women’s representation in tech. They have announced a partnership with CrowdForce. CrowdForce is a technology-driven start-up that facilitates efficient data collection and delivery of financial services to the masses.

In a media release, Black Girls in Tech says it provides “a community and safe space while increasing the representation of black women in the tech industry by making technology careers more accessible.”

Black Girls in Tech believes that its CrowdForce partnership will help to “break the bias” and provide internship opportunities to members of the current BGIT Nigeria Front End Development Bootcamp cohort. This cohort is learning HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to jumpstart their tech careers.

After upskilling, there was limited access to entry-level positions in tech companies in Africa. This marks the start of an initiative that empowers women with the tools they need to start their career in technology and provides valuable work experience that will help them apply their knowledge to developing in-market products.

“We are happy to enter this partnership with CrowdForce and hope it serves as the first of many pipelines for permanent job opportunities for the women that take part. Access to permanent employment in the tech space is crucial to breaking the bias and increasing the number of women in tech across the African continent,” says Black Girls in Tech Nigeria’s founder and chief executive, Karen Emelu.

Creating employment opportunities

On its website, Black Girls in Tech says it was founded with the purpose of “creating a colourful space in the white, male-dominated technology sector. This community is for black women to connect, support, and share their resources with one another. We are a community for black women in tech, by black women in tech.”

CrowdForce adds, “In our continued effort to break the bias, we believe strongly that access to employment opportunities are one of the many ways to empower women in tech. It is our hope that the women we hire from this current cohort find the opportunity enriching and a stepping stone to the illustrious careers they will go on to have.”

CrowdForce describes itself as Africa’s largest offline distribution network providing access to financial services by leveraging their merchant network to deploy digital services, financial products and collect payment from the mass market.

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